8 Beautiful Ways To Light A Holiday Window

The holiday was most fun to spend time in the house. All things about holidays are festive and sparkling, I thought there was something beautiful about window decorations with lights for holidays. So be prepared passes along the warm and cozy feeling with these 8 easy holiday window decor ideas to light your night.

Classic Centerpiece

Keeping things simple is easiest way. Placing the tree shaped candle then lined pine trees. Additional textile traditional white adds simplicity, I thought it smelled good as it looks.

Bamboo Light

Bamboo lamp will make a statement on emerging from large windows with nature. It looks cool by trees that make the feeling more comfortable.

Zig-Zag Pattern

DIY window light using lighting chains to create a zig-zag pattern. Then coat the window with sprigs of fir and pine, is a little festive and fun.


There is nothing more beautiful apart from snowflakes. The lights shaped snowflake will really warm your heart.

Candle Light

For lighting that is easy and practical, just put a candle in the window. Some elements of nature such as spruce, pinecones can improve.

Bulb Light

Bulb also you can make the best choice for window lighting. If you are creative, you can create multiple tree wallpaper from white paper.

Outdoor Light

Window lighting is not only from inside. To get an impression of a romantic, you can install the lights outside the window, I think it also looks cool.


Who does not like a star? For the last, I accidentally entered starlight that you must have for the holidays. Hope inspiring!


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