8 Clever Ways To Use IKEA Raskog Cart For Narrow Space

Need the best furniture investments that can work even in a narrow space? No need to get expensive for it all if you can get cheaper pieces at $ 30 just by Raskog cart from IKEA. Still like IKEA products in general, they are intelligent, functional, and perfect for any interior blend. You can have them and easily turn it into a real masterpiece and use them as you wish. A piece of simple but versatile. Sturdy construction with four legs makes it easy to move around and use it wherever you like, even very fit in narrow spaces because of its small size. Just decorate them as you wish and following is clever way to use IKEA Raskog cart in any room!

In the Bedroom

Raskog very good as bedside table. It is the right height for most bed and look beautiful at the bedside with a few books and magazines.

In the Dining Room

Raskog very useful for your dining room, made to look chic bar cart when equipped with glasses, fresh fruit and a few bottles of your favorite wine that will complement your banquet.

In the Patio

Raskog also looks great on the outside room, pushed out onto the patio or deck when entertaining your guests. Fill the cups, plates and napkins like this party. Or you can also plant some succulent plants and just put them outside.

In the Bathroom

We often have limited storage problem in the bathroom. Use Raskog cart to resolve your problem and believe me there is no more towels scattered about or you have trouble finding your toothpaste.

In the Babies Room

Babies still need small things. The new mom and dad can put all interests of baby in the cart slim. Fill with baby clothes and baby all the supplies needed.

In the Playroom

Playroom also do not want to miss. Side in this cart makes a great catch all for toys. Or fill it with books, drawing tools and all your children need.

In the Mudroom

A rolling cart is the ideal solution for holding cleaning supplies. Stash everything in one spot in the mudroom or cleaning closet, then wheel it out to whatever room needs sprucing up.

In the Kitchen

Raskog cart officially designed by IKEA as a kitchen cart. Save under the table as additional storage for plates or extension pantry.

source: apartmenttherapy


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