A Path In The Forest By Tetsuo Kondo

It’s not just the usual tourist trip, at Kadriorg elegant forests older than 300 years, there is a path that hangs in the forest. Being in this path you will feel slightly changed the appearance of the forest. You are no longer looking at forest from ground but you will be closer to the leaves and closely through the branch. Were on site throughout the area of 1.000.000 square meters and footprint 71,08 square meter enables you to get a travel quite a long and amazing. It’s like a piece of architecture that exists for forest as forest for architecture. Although the shape of forest can not be changed but various elements of the forest can be a single unit in this condition. The hope that we can experience forest, architecture and environment that we do not yet know. If you plan to travel a slightly different take or want to be close to nature, the image below may be inspired!

source: tetsuokondo


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