Cool And Charming New Homes From Kendall jenner

Having a luxury apartment does not seem sufficient for a Kendall Jenner. Now she bought luxury home which is around 445 square meters with three floors located in the area of Sunset Strip, Los Angeles, and was formerly home the couple Emily Blunt and John Krasinki.

No half-hearted, cool new home and charming purchased for 6.5 million dollars. There are six bedrooms and four bathrooms are very stylish. Let’s look at the contents of her home, probably in part interior can inspire you to find your dream home design!

Family room dominated by gray were comfortable. This color not only gives an impression of space but also modern.

A mixture of white and gray on marble and walls in the main bathroom makes the bathroom seem more elegant.

Walk in closet is huge. Allows to store more goods and needs.

One of the bedrooms for guests using white color and other ornaments bright colors make this room into a bright and airy.

The master bedroom is also dominated by bright colors, such as white and beige, and brown, thus creating an atmosphere that is comfortable and soothing.

Seeing this beautiful laundry room, washing job that had seemed heavy to be very pleasant.

Patio area at top of home that lets you see the beautiful scenery outside. This location will also be used Kendall as a dining room for entertaining guests.

This is favorite space for Kendall Jenner. So for those of you who do not have a front porch, you can also relax in the backyard.

The kitchen is spacious and elegant make you linger at home cooking or simply prepare the food there.


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