Freestanding Carbon Fibre Bath From Splinter Works

After previous success by the success of hammock bathtub, design studio Splinter Works has developed a freestanding version of the tub and wash basin add to the collection that does not need walls, but it still offers the playful form and optimum shape for a relaxing bathing experience. Splinter Works have pioneered the use of carbon fibre in a world of white bathrooms. The Vessel series offers a dark sophistication, their strong graphic lines and sculptural form have an autonomous style that can fit in the most modern of settings, or traditional ones. Whatever the setting, the Carbon series adapts to their environment, creating a playful poetic contrast for rooms full of personality.

Still from the same collection, the wash basin was miniature version of the tub. It is made from the same lightweight carbon fibre as used mainly in bathtub, which allows it to be durable and easy to install.


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