Pagoda House With Showcase Classic Cars

Pagoda house is the latest project from Bulgarian I/O architect, a house designed as a showcase for classic cars. This house is located slope of Mount Vitosha near the Bulgarian capital Sofia. Combination of modern luxury with details of vintage art and broad spatial solutions. Although classic car owners take a special place in the garage of glass, also functions as an exhibition space. The position of the house offers amazing views on both sides, one toward the mountain and another one from a distant town. The facade of the two-storey house entwined glass surfaces, black metal framing, and timber cladding in one continuous construct that extends into the interior as a material palette composition.

Interior decor is composed of renowned furniture design pieces, simple but luxurious material palette and some intriguing pieces of contemporary art like the famous conceptual collage of Leonid Brezhnev by the Bulgarian artist Stanislav Belovski. The colors composing the decor are warm laid on a base of light wood and black surfaces with occasional splashes of color in pastel or bright blue, yellow or green tonalities. The premises of this contemporary house carry the feeling of dynamic open space, full with light and homey comfort, without being deprived of artistic and vintage charm

source: interiorzine


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