10 Brilliant Ways To Organize Your Handbags

Women must be happy with their bags, even some of them have a huge collection of bags. But a bag collection that many if not set correctly will only make your room or your house look messy. If you currently have a large collection of bags but confused how to manage or save correctly, then this post will show you 10 ways to overcome all kakacauan brilliant you are. I think most of the bag collection if not properly maintained will only make the room a mess or even make the bag quickly broken.

You certainly do not want that to happen is not it? Here I have compiled some ideas to organize and store the bag to make it look neat that you can imitate. Scroll down and enjoy!

1. You can use the wall beside the door, if there is still space that can be used to store bags.

2. It’s the most practical way to hang your handbag.

3. Do not have much space? Just put a collection of bags on the wall of your room.

4. DIY tree-shaped hanger bag you can make your own, more creative.

5. Take advantage of unused coat rack to hang your bag collection.

6. Wooden hanging rack is always look beautiful to store anything, including your bag.

7. Storing bags in the mudroom will also save a lot of space.

8. Bag storage rack that looks classy.

9. Use vertical space with both storage bags, you can also make the built-in to add an elegant impression.

10. The door is also allowed to store your bag, it is very helpful for you who really do not have a place for your bag collection.


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