10 Smart And Functional Ways For Creating More Space

Live in small house is facing many difficulties, especially we need more space for all our daily needs. For those of you who today have a home that is less extensive, we just need to get creative with the space we have. Some ideas might have to sue you think outside the box, but I say this is a smart and functional way in utilizing every smallest corner in your house. Here are 10 smart ideas that will inspire you to make every corner becomes more leverage, let’s check it out!

Utilizing the corner window and turn it into a breakfast nook could be the best option. Of course you will not need the light anymore because it is located at the under the window.

The small kitchen look bigger and inviting by using bright colors.

Need workspace, but you have a small room? Use the DIY table wall in the smallest corner of your house like the above idea.

Even in every corner of empty space from your home can be more helpful with creative ideas. Create a simple DIY bookshelf and you’ll get a beautiful and functional space in the same time.

If you really do not have enough space even for a bedroom. Create a loft bed and get this charming room.

Problems are often found in small house is the size of the bathrooms were also very small. You can choose the right items like skinny sink and toilet which made the room look

This is my favorite, how the smallest space under the bed used as a storage rack. You’ll easily find your goods here and no longer spend a lot of storage space in the house because they are hidden.

Even the bottom of the staircase can be transformed into cool workspace with this idea.

Placing tables and stools behind the couch will give you more places to sit when there are many guests who visit.

Living room is the center from your home, even if you only have a small space. Try to take advantage of wall space with high shelving unit. Many people ignore this huge space between the couch and ceiling. Though you can install some shelves, and you have a large home library or personal wall art.


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