10 Smart Ways To Tiny Room Dividers

Having a small house often create difficulties in arranging the room occupants. Places are limited and the amount goods will force you to be able to think of ways to make space available to function optimally. One way around that is to put room dividers, this could be a smart solution and do not spend a lot of room. Here are 10 ways to separate rooms in your home, especially for those who live in apartments or small houses. Let’s check it out!

Open Rack

Open rack placed in the middle of the room can be an alternative to a room divider. Besides being a room divider, this rack also has a function for storing your stuff at home.

Old Style

Room divider with old style remains cool to be used in confined spaces because it is very easy to use. Room dividers of this type usually have wheels and can be folded so that it can be moved easily. Choose a room divider with a white color so the room remains visually visible area.


Use wallpaper to indicate that this section is an end of the room leading to another room. If you are using a black colored wall paint, give the impression of contrast by adding wallpaper with a large leaf pattern.

Level Up Beds

Rather than closing some parts of the house to make more space, you can raise the level of the bed to provide boundaries as is done in this kids bedroom.

Moroccan Style

Inspired by the Moroccan style, you can put a small mattress on the floor and add cushions are comfortable. Add curtains be opened and closed to provide privacy.

Industrial Curtain

If you do not install the retaining iron curtains in the house, you can still use a cloth to separate the room into two parts. The trick, use pipe as a barrier fabric.


Narrow room would be smart to install mirrors to give the impression the rooms were spacious and open. If you believe in yourself, install wall-length mirror in the middle of the room as a barrier.

Office Insulation

Wall insulation is commonly used in the office can also be used at home for a barrier between rooms. This wall is usually not too high so still gives the impression of a more open, while providing clear boundaries.

Headboard Bedroom

Headboard bed can have another function to divide the room into two or insulate a sleeping area with bathroom.

Portable Walls

Narrow room that opens to become more flexible by using room dividers such as the following portable green wall. Add also some seating and tables to make this room a place to sit back.


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