10 Super Creative Christmas Card Display Ideas

You certainly have a lot of Christmas cards from friends or family, and when Christmas ends, all the Christmas cards you will end up in the trash. Though very unfortunate if all the collection of Christmas cards should be thrown away, while you can be creative with them. Utilizing a collection of Christmas cards into an attractive home decorations must be very pleasant. In addition you can channel creativity, also make your Christmas more festive because the design in accordance with what you want. Not necessarily always on the walls of your home can display your collection of Christmas cards, today I want to inspire you how to make a Christmas card display of goods that are unexpected. If you like the collection of christmas cards, this is a 10 super crative DIY Christmas card display that is perfect for making your house more beautiful with your collection of Christmas cards.

1. Hanging your Christmas card collection with string lights, the decor is also cool for dorm rooms.

2. Liked vintage style. Take advantage of your old ladder into a unique Christmas card look like this.

3. Christmas is the best time gathered in front of the fireplace when a cold day, so do not forget to hang your Christmas cards there.

4. DIY this old window is very pretty with a simple wreaths.

5. Down stairs also not miss for your Christmas card collection.

6. Showcasing and hanging a christmas card on windows has many advantages, besides beautify your room, also can as protector from the sun.

7. Adorable DIY Christmas card display with some garland.

8. Create a Christmas tree on your Christmas card collection to be creative as well.

9. Take advantage of the stairs of your house to show your Christmas cards, add some Christmas wreaths.

10. Do not have a place to display your christmas card. Do not worry, because they can also be displayed on the back door like this.


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