15 Simple DIY Ikea IVAR Cabinet For Kids Room

I always like the Ikea hack especially for kids furniture, the more we get enough of them and the more we seek it, the more hacks we will find. Choosing furniture for kids room does not need anything complicated, which is why I chose the Ivar cabinet because they are easy to create. You can even change the look with just a can of paint. Ikea Ivar design is actually very simple, but that’s what makes me love it, in the look of natural raw wood you can freely paint anything there. Do not children like the colorful look? While you can let it remain as it gets a soft wood texture.

Sometimes you should be able to adjust the furniture so that children also like it. Ivar cabinet is the perfect part to altered with paint, it’s like a blank canvas and you can paint anything there. There is no need for electrical equipment or project tools that will take your time, but with your Ikea Ivar DIY still ends with unique furniture for your child’s room. Here are some Ivar paint hacks that will inspire you, scroll down and find one!


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