20 Crafty DIY Rain Features For Your Gardens

When the weather is blooming and the sky became dim, when the wind blew the rose petals wet, enjoy views of the soothing, relaxing and charming with features rain DIY! Every year the rain always brings peace and good memories in my heart, so when the rainy season will soon Suddenly, this really makes me very excited. Right now my thoughts are directed to DIY rain feature and I am looking for the right creative ideas for this year and be crafty. So, post today we will try to provide your garden with rain feature, it is a beautiful DIY project that you should not miss this year. There are various cool ways to create your own rain feature with secondhand or home-made items, but here you will see some of the most endearing, easiest and cheapest rain feature ideas.

The first thing you need to look at is space and style, because you can beautify your garden if you have the right idea of how you can use your garden for a specific purpose. You can use existing facilities such as old ditches in storage, create a beautiful water feature by placing it on the wall or putting a can on it. Want vintage style? You can also use the old pitcher to create a retro-style rain feature, a colorful rain chain with gems or stones, or use watering cans to create a rain fountain from rainwater storage. Here are 20 rain feature ideas that are hard to miss, get inspired!


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