20 Modern And Minimalist TV Wall Decor Ideas

TV watching room is often a favorite space for families after a day of activities, this room also helps you to relax because of the pressure of work. Decided to install a new flat screen on the wall seemed like the best option, but that does not mean you do not have a problem. Maybe the room does look cool and trendy by installing a TV on the wall, but you also need to think about the decor around the TV when it features become dominant. Today I will share decorating ideas favorite room TV wall so that it looks more charming, I think it needs to be when you think that TV is an important part of a family room.

First do not let the walls around the TV look plain, you can add other textures such as wood, marble, brick or even wall gallery as wallpaper. If you need additional storage, you can add a couple of wall shelves or cabinets around the TV area. Lastly, add some small furniture such as flower vase, ceramic, or photo frame. If you are interested to decorate it, here I give 20 galleries inspiring TV wall, let’s check it out!


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