22 Amazing DIY Light Bulbs Ideas

Recycling and repurposing old stuff always be fun and challenging. It is about your creativity in utilizing items around, including you do not throw your old light bulbs from now. You can make various crafts from lightbulbs with a little work and DIY light bulb has been really popular today. There are many creative ways to transform these objects into a more useful and amazing, such as flower vases, candy container, terrarium or even a unique chandelier. If you want simple, just cover it with ornaments or paint it with a particular theme, then you’ve managed to have a cool Christmas hanger. Trash lightbulbs becomes difficult to disentangle the waste naturally, because they contain chemicals and glass, so if we do not process properly would be bad for the environment and our lives. I have put together DIY light bulb ideas that you can use it as a decoration in your home. They are very beautiful and functional, can be stored in a different room and look attractive at the same time. Get inspired!


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