22 DIY Bicycle Planters With Vintage Vibe

In contrast to simply installing a flower basket on a bicycle, as this also becomes part of the garden’s own decoration. We all know that the garden is the outdoor areas make the house look more beautiful and green, then you need to keep your plants safe and gives little privacy. Take advantage of an old bike into a beautiful decoration for your garden, consider installing them for gates, mailboxes or even the pretty planters in the backyard. If you love colorful flower gardens, just paint the bikes to your liking, and you are ready to make them so much more captivating. Maintain the bike paint worn for mandapatkan shabby chic and vintage look, slightly vintage look will always remind us of family and memories. Old bicycle is a versatile decoration because it can be used as garden gate and many other ways, you can use a bike to plant flowers and then displayed in the garden or other desired place. The result is more eye-catching than the usual flower pots, enjoy!


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