22 Rustic Country Wedding Table Decorations

Confused about the right wedding theme? There are many beautiful wedding ideas that you can choose yet rustic country wedding can be special. I have always loved the rustic touches as it makes us closer to the invited guests, and today the rural wedding table becomes the second thing that comes to mind after the wedding dress. Make a rustic wedding table is not too difficult, it is a small table set up for just the bride and groom at a wedding reception. You just need to add some rustic elements such as green plants or wood furniture, you can even create your own DIY wedding table countryside with your old stuff to add a vintage impression.

Weddings are the most sacred moments for couples who want to get married, they will sit together, face the invited guests, with their families at adjacent tables. Here are some rustic wedding tables that are not only beautiful but also make your wedding party more memorable. Inspired!


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