25 Beautiful DIY Trellis For Small Garden

The garden trellis is more than just a structure supporting your garden decoration, this is the best way to get around the little garden and serve as the setting background of your plants to look beautiful. In addition, garden trellis is very helpful to protect your plants from pests because of its position is far above the ground. Building a garden trellis is not so difficult, you can make your own DIY trellises of all things, even the old stuff or unused ranging from wood to recycled and used goods. Garden trellises to function more as a decorative piece itself, while the plant will always be the center of attention when you want to put one in your garden. Although you only have a small garden, add a piece of this furniture on the wall, fences or other places you can also do.

Whatever the type of your plants, whether it is a vertical garden, climbing plants or flowers, you might consider adding a trellis garden if you want the plants look and will be the focal point in your garden. Take a look at the following 25 DIY trellis garden ideas and find what suits your style, needs and vastness!


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