25 Cool Ways To Action Figure Display

For you who like to collect action figures but confused to display it, then you do not need to be confused because you actually have a lot of storage area sufficient for all your collection. Showing action figures do not need to prepare a special room, because the principle is the same as displaying accessories in general. Look again around your house, because I believe there is still a good wall in the area of the living room or family room. How to display it can also be in various ways, and since we will display the action figure then it takes a special cabinet or rack, you can even add lights to get a cool look. Action figure usually has a small size, so no need to make large-sized cabinets or shelves. Start by making a shelf to a depth of no more than 20 cm, while the height and length can be adjusted by the amount of action figures that you have. The important thing is to make sure the height is still reachable by the eye. To be more attractive, can also be added as a background poster. Additionally, for those who do not want your action figure collection dirty quickly. We recommend creating glass-fronted cabinets or shelves, it is intended that action figure collection can be seen at the same time you still awake from the dust. Scroll down and get inspired!


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