25 Modern Floor Reading Lamps For Stylish Interiors

Reading lamp can also be a beautiful room decor with selection right standing reading lamp design. They can be the focal point in the room, set the style of the living room, into the perfect lighting for the home office, or specify a cozy reading corner in almost every room. High floor lamp shape is often underestimated, even they performed just as her class accessories than other furniture.

If you include a person who likes big furniture for your home, then choosing a floor lamp design should be considered as well. Inspired by home-designing, here are 25 modern floor reading lamps that I think you should have one of them. Let’s check!

1. Floor lamp with casual color when turned on will warm from the inside, slightly reminiscent of a tent camp.

2. Floor lamps with tripod leg are present in elegant matte black, ideal in modern mid-century space schemes.

3. Inspired by mid-century design, modern floor reading lamp with a unique shape looks gorgeous in a Scandinavian-style house.

4. Home library is perfect for multi light floor lamps, this model is perfect for those of you who work at home.

5. For those of you who love to read, reading lamps equipped with LED’s that floor would be perfect for the reading corner shadow that lies beyond the reach of the main light overhead.

6. Arc floor reading lamps is able to reach more than one large furniture. Designed to focus more light sources on top of book or assignment, or reading corner for your kids.

7. Unique lamps like a snake coming out of the basket, you can also change it as any form by pulling apart the coils.

8. Floor lamps that look more like satellites than sun like from the source, but these lights allow the angle of the circular reflector to be modified.

9. Nothing is more cozy than a wooden floor lamp like this.

10. Tall lamp design does have many advantages, and this lamp has a tall design that offers light in a wider area.

11. With a classic elevated crane design, this would look at home in any room of the home.

12. It looks almost like a metallic tree branch, a bright and luxurious silver finishing.

13. Floor lamp with white and wood tones make it look more feminine.

14. Beautiful floor lamps for bedrooms, lined with copper colors and monochrome chevron cables.

15. If you have a small budget but want a reading lamp is cool, this could be the best option.

16. Black floor lamp with a bold look that matches a strong monochrome scheme.

17. The minimalist style is still beautiful for any room, while the stylish design bulb will warm the room.

18. Simple unadorned floor lamps can be a useful addition to the room without distracting any other decor.

19. Built-in LEDs mean that you don’t have to worry about changing the bulbs, making it a time, energy and money saver.

20. Classical lamp shape is still very popular, even practically timeless.

21. This floor lamp will make you nostalgic for the living room.

22. Living area reading lamps are in the room most displayed to house guests, and this striking red and black creation would certainly turn heads.

23. This futuristic LED lamp has a cool lightsaber look, perfect for sci-fi fans.

24. Floor lamps are also suitable for matching table lamps. Both combines geometric shapes trends with elegant wood finishing.

25. Some simple design is the best choice to go, and this floor lamp is very good for any decorating scheme.


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