35 Universal IKEA Kallax Shelving Units

I have always loved the IKEA products, they are beautiful to furniture and easily transformed into anything as we wanted. This time one of the products IKEA Kallax shelving units that became the best canvas to create, formerly known Expedit. Kallax Shelves is suitable for any storage because it is universal, so you can get almost any of them. Shelving units are available for various sizes and colors with a friendly price, while the design is relatively simple shelving to give the appearance of clean and cool. Here I’ve rounded some creative IKEA Kallax, hacks that can give you a new life shelving unit and adds style to the house. You also can get almost any of them, ranging from bedside tables, TV units, cabinets, storage rack or room divider. It is a convenient and versatile unit, suitable for any space including home office, living room, bedroom, kids room, or even the entrance. You can even put them under the bed or lounge you, look at IKEA Kallax ideas below and get inspired!


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