5 Interior Trends For Latest Homes 2017

Nothing feels today we have started the new year and as in previous years the interior trend is also changing. Some interior designers have started to predict style homes that will become trend in 2017. So for those of you who are still confused determine the appropriate decorations for this year, then this post will show you 5 interior trend that will be popular and liked by many people. Here are some things that will be hits in 2017, do not miss!


Material warm shades such as terracotta floors will replace neutral colors and white. If in 80s this color is widely used as a bathroom wall or the side of fireplace, then this year will be popularly elected as a floor. Terracotta colored ceramic can give the impression of rustic and add character and warmth in a room, add some indoor plants to create a natural feel.

Cork Wall

This year, the wood known as cork wall back into trend. Material stylish this one not only gives texture and warmth to the room. Wood cork also serves to absorb noise for homes designed without a bulkhead. You can add this as an accent wood on the walls, it is very easy software for attached various wall decoration.

Dark Green

Dark green shades will be one interior color trends that will shift the dominance of navy and dark blue color. Dark green wall paint color is very fitting applied to the bedroom when combined with other neutral color, while in the living room you can add this color to a sofa or pillow case, to bring the impression of outdoor to indoor.

Upholstered Headboard

The beds will be one item of interior trend in 2017, with headboards in upholstered design. Headboard as is found in many luxury bedrooms and the houses of celebrities, you’ll get an impression of classic and glamorous velvet by buttons and neutral colors.

Jewel Tone Color

Replace the pastel shades such as pink and blue sky, now the jewel tone colors such as metallic, purple and green started to become a favorite. Select furniture that is smooth to give the impression of light and romantic in your room.


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