Australian Family House With Splash Of Colors

This family house is very beautiful located in Melbourne, Australia. Owners Kerstin and Andy have lived for 8 years in a house that has an area of 170 square meters. Starting from labeling their children in 2009, they started to renovate their own studio and former garage in the backyard, and Andy have a place for music, recording, skateboard decks, and guitar, since he is currently managing Poison City Records. This house has a bright, happy and relaxing splash of color. The combination of decor and artwork, and the luxurious new plants look to beautify the room to the kitchen. Kerstin and Andy embrace effective style, colorful with green side views. Inspire natural, wood and everything in the middle ages will be easily found here. Some items even come from flea markets including used furniture and some rustic items, I think this is very easy and affordable. Because they have two small children, they also create a space where children can play independently in their own play area without fear of falling apart. Look at how the Australian family’s home can be really warm place to stay, they seem to know how to be happy!

source: apartmenttherapy


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