Casa Cook Kos With Greek Architectural Style

Inspired by the beauty of traditional Greek island architecture, Interior & Styling design Annabell Kutucu and Michael Schickinger create stunning tourist destinations along the coast. Casa Cook Kos is the perfect place for those who want to enjoy a holiday with a traditional feel with a stunning tropical style, has a feel like a village with one and two-story cube houses grouped around gardens and terraces. I think very inspired by the Greek parea, this is a good time to start collecting your friends because Casa Cook Kos is a beach hideaway and summer to escape for the like-minded people to come together.

Cubic-shaped buildings, consisting of one and two floors have a contemporary and minimalist style, derived from the Greek architectural style that has existed for centuries. There rice terraces that extends to private outdoor space, indoor and outdoor restaurants, an open kitchen, a central bar with a terrace by the pool or overlooking the beach and sunset. The selection of clean upholstered furniture combines with rugged, natural textures and exotic accessories to create a comfortable shelter as well as a cozy place of contemplation. Here’s a gallery of Casa Cook Kos which I am sure you are hard to miss, let’s check it out!


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