Cozy Ohhio Braid Collection For Pets

December came as winter temperatures continue to fall, this is the best time for your pet to get a convenient place to get rid of the winter. Inspired by the giant blanket, Ohhio creations have just launched their latest product known as Braid. And one of them focuses on pets. Braid is a versatile craft that you can use to produce the same knitting. Braid is very light, soft, durable and machine washable too. In order Braid is easy to use, it was made as a cotton tube indefinitely with a stylish charging pillow. This product looks plush and supple, it is suitable for pet beds. Ohhio has been developing this product in the last 11 months, and for their pets launching Ohhio Braid Cat bed, Ohhio Braid Dog Bed and Ohhio Braid Pet Mat.

Ohhio Braid Cat bed

“It’s chunky, it’s soft, and it’s claw-resistant. Could there be a more perfect home for a cat?”

Ohhio Braid Cat Dog

“This chunky dog bed is a great pick for your pup. Give your best friend the comfort they deserve.”

Ohhio Braid Pet Mat

“Your pet will love this chunky mat! It’s as irresistible as it is durable. Lay it anywhere you’d like your friend to be warm and cozy.”

Ohhio Braid Color Chart


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