DIY Paper Aquatic Lights With Sea Inspired

Dutch beautiful beaches have inspired her Etsy shop based in Amsterdam, VasiliLights to create paper lamp design very beautiful like water animals. Designed for the DIY cover, VasiliLights offers handcrafted paper creations that are easy to combine with additional undersea touches to any space. Featuring geometric and aesthetic contours on origami, paper lights are considered to have high nontontemporary artwork. This lamp is also made of high-quality paper and brightly colored which is made with great care and creative. When the lights are turned on, the shade of the light emits a soft warm glow, while the bright rays emanate from the main light. It looks cool, timeless, and elegant, a paper light inspired by sea creatures, ranging from the elegant goldfish, the adorable octopus, to the floating turtles.

Now they are available for purchase, get it now!

Buy It: VasiliLights


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