Letto dayBed For Modern Dog Bed With Scandinavian Look

Letto dayBed designed for modern dog bed with innovative design and has been awarded Red Dot Design Award 2015. Made from aluminum bent either in the paint or covered with a layer of wood that makes it virtually indestructible. Dog furniture was invented by Belgian interior and product designer, Gerd Couckhuyt. The bed is very sleek and sturdy aluminum frame edge has been bent upwards to make the place comfortable and provide a sense of security on your dog. The length of the bed also makes it suitable for dogs of various sizes, which allow small dogs to large dogs to lie down and curl up. The minimalist design with natural ash wood legs slightly raised beds give Scandinavian look, while the soft mattress offers a comfortable resting place and easy to clean so you do not need to see the bed was dirty caused by pet dogs. Here letto dayBed for those of you who claim a true dog lover, perhaps now is the time you for a bit of pampering your pet.


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