Mellow: Cool And Functional Multimedia Table

Technological developments have now even penetrated into the design of home furniture, such as the Mellow table that presents a new era for functional decoration by integrating themselves with technology. Wood and soft fabric makes it look wonderful as a side table is classic to any space. Many advantages that you can get from the Mellow table, which is under the surface of the table there are four 15W speakers and 4 passive radiators, it is capable of producing sound that can turn your home into a cinema, or make it a perfect medium for listening to music. This table works wirelessly with multimedia devices, and some third-party music platform, Mellow table is very practical and can be stored anywhere in your room without having to worry about wires near your desk. Mellow is also equipped with a control border on the fabric, allowing you to increase or decrease the volume, pause and play tracks. Mellow is equipped with 6600mAh battery on the inside that can give you 7 hours of playback, while able to charge your phone. It’s also a handy way to keep your phone near the desk for a much easier wireless playback experience. Do not forget to visit the site that shows details about them as they are now available for bookings!

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