Minimalist Apartment With Asian Exotic Accents

A pleasant retreat awaits us in a tropical-style apartment in Jastarnia, Polska, visualised by Polish firm KUOO Architects. This minimalist project full of tranquility for you and your family are tired of the noise of the city.

From the Architects, Apartments in Jastarnia are places designed to rest and escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Our clients holiday destination. The assumption is creating a minimalist interior but with little influence of the Asian island. The entire wall facing terrace consists of a sliding door, which is high for the entire floor, thanks to the apartments that offer panoramic sea views.

Introducing exotic accent table, which is the mainstay of investors from one of the exotic trips and hang on it three large rattan, wicker lamps. Also natural wooden chair with ribbed back. The entire dining room and kitchen are black so they are symbolically separated from other functions in the room. The living room zone also sets its limitations thanks to the sofa, which is arranged in the letter “L”, to complete the arrangement of the room. Our corner put in a clay pot with a banana plant that reminds us of the gardens Ubud.

Rustic wood bench, wicker baskets or stumps in the form of a table looks at the entire apartment, complete the interior character is assumed. The bedroom is separated from the main part of the apartment with walls with wide sliding doors so we can open them partly into the living room. The bed was situated in the middle of the room with a view of the patio. The background is a door with a high open door, behind it there is a bath with an open shower, free standing bathtub and a washbasin. Toilets and closets are covered in separate rooms adjacent to the bedroom. At the other end we have designed the apartment living rooms, kids bedrooms and an additional bathroom.


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