Natural And Colorful Living Walls From Nordgrona

Adding a natural touch to the walls become very popular nowadays, because in addition to beautify the room, living walls also give a sense of cool to any space. But not everyone can make the walls live the way they want, even plants like ferns or succulents will need lots of light and extra care to keep them. If you think building a living wall is impossible, you might like this one choice. These living walls are made of lichen, or often called reindeer moss, consisting of a collection of Convex and Seamless by Nordgrona. Although made from lichen, this collection uses natural ingredients and is not toxic, so you will no doubt make it an environmentally friendly choice for interior. Nordgrona collaborates with researchers at Lund University to ensure that this living wall has a quality to absorb sound. In addition, each part is also capable of purifying air, hypoallergenic, and fire resistant certified.

One of the highlights of this collection is made by hand in Nordgrona production facilities in Sweden using moss that are picked in the woods in northern Sweden and Norway, each piece has stabilized which makes it not need sunlight to survive. Lichen wall is also available with a variety of bold colors and unique shapes for you to choose. It is a colorful and natural living wall idea at the same time. Let’s check!


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