Practical Cardboard Wikkelhouse Built In One Days

You certainly would not expect if this amazing house made of unexpected materials. A company called Fiction Factory based in Amsterdam, Netherlands introduced a house that can be completed enough in a day. The company provides assembly services at the same time, they call this minimalist house Wikkelhouse is the main ingredient used cardboard. But you do not have to worry, the cardboard is used entirely high-strength and stacked up to 24 layers. The house is very practical and can be established on the land without foundation, even the house is also available in the design of a houseboat for your vacation means. Cardboard boxes have been shaped like walls, floors, roofs and more. So you just need to determine where you will assemble it.

The Company has claimed to equip the outer wall with a waterproof foil coating and wood panel to protect the internal structural and occupants of various weather conditions. I think Wikkelhouse able to provide a solution to the housing crisis in other cities, which is surely this is practical and inexpensive way to have a place to stay wherever you want. You can have it delivered and installed for just under $ 50,000. Check out the Wikkelhouse gallery below and get it now for reservations!


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