Scandinavian Style Homes With Greenery Accents

This house Scandinavian style with lots of greenery accents in almost every room. Designed by Thao Uyen, who is also an interior designer from Vietnam has managed to combine a warm Scandinavian style homes with a clean, modern interior design. Walking in this house, we will immediately be confronted with a minimalist aesthetic with a variety of charming greenery accents, including indoor plants, walls and furniture. There are many reasons why we prefer to include natural nuances in the house. In addition to having many health benefits, give peace of mind, find clarity of mind, nature is also believed to be very good for the air we breathe. It is true that we can not always escape from city life, but there is a great way to reconnect with nature and bring a little bit into our homes. It is this philosophy that designers are trying to lift through their Scandinavian house design this time, a modern greenery house themed that not only brings home plants back home but also takes its color palette from them. It can be found from the color of the sofa inspired by the green hue of leaves were delicious, refreshing green walls, and some yellow accents symbolizing the warm spring.

source: Thao Uyen


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