Two Tones Office Interior By SNKH Architectural Studio

Integrating two different colors to become one unity in the interior is not an easy task, but sometimes a touch of color is necessary if you want to determine the area. This can be seen in the office designed by SNKH Architectural Studio, interior BigBek office in Yerevan, Armenia has two specific color tone to it stand out. The bright colors, geometry and brutal concrete ceiling of this interior creates a vibrant, fun and creative atmosphere to work. For meeting rooms, they use a hot pink color on the exterior and interior of the room, creating a bright and bold look for space that is hard to miss.

The interior office is also equipped kitchen with sunny yellow walls, floor and ceiling clearly define those areas, while designers use to describe the color teal relaxing seating area surrounding the kitchen. This office proves if the blend of two tones of color can still give the right beauty in the room. Get inspired!


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