Unique House T With Lifestyle Like A Ninja

The first time I saw this house in Tokyo, Japan I was wondering how the house owners moved from one room to another. The house designed by Hiroyuki Shinozaki is different from the design of the house in general, if usually people make home with retro style, modern or sophisticated then you definitely will be confused when looking at ninja house, Terado Tatsumi and his wife owned this Hanae. Its unusual shape with many hidden spaces connected from the ground floor to the top floor, this will make it difficult for you to navigate yourself to move from one room to another. Unless you really like a lifestyle like a ninja who does not mind climbing the ladder and jumping the gap just to get into the bedroom or other room. This is why the house with four floors of Japan called the house ninja, although the architects call it house T. “We feel we are in a better condition lately, we never fell,” Hanae said commenting on his unique home. There is actually a book-shaped staircase that connects on every floor, the homeowner seems very smart to take advantage of space and not let wasted. The architect also revealed that the design changed the layout of the house of course has been adapted to their way of life. Curious as to what is a ninja house? Look at the gallery of the photos below!

From the Architects, It is a residence and atelier for a couple in the center of Tokyo.

Floor like bookshelf plates are placed at the different level in the shifted box. Furniture is put on the each floor to create living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom. Each plate-like-floors are only hooked by columns which are three-dimensionally intersected at the middle of the box and this simple structure gives latitude for space composition. In massive volume of the box, each different activity of daily living is took place at each floor with open view. Lightings hung from top of the box till the each floors to illuminate them such as a floating stage. A small residence like big furniture showcases the living on the stage.


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