10 Amazing Ramadan Stairs Decor With DIY Lights

Still with Ramadan kareem theme, if yesterday you are inspired by the Ramadan lights, this time we will try to beautify the house with decoration Ramadan. If your house consists of two or more floors, a ladder becomes very important because it has a function as a liaison between floors. Decorate stairs during Ramadan is also very important, a staircase with Ramadan decorations it also can serve to enhance the appearance of your home interiors. Spice up Ramadan in your home with some sweet decoration with DIY Ramadan stairs, you can also make some decorating stairs ideas by involving the whole family, it will certainly be more fun.

If we usually let the ladder as it is, try to add a touch of Ramadan light into the decor. Some candles, lanterns or DIY paper lamps could be the best choice. The decor is quite amazing Ramadan ladder, make you more enthusiastic about fasting for 30 days straight. Balloon stairs decoration up to 30 numbers from the bottom floor to the top floor, may be able to portray that you are now riding towards the victory. Curious as to what decorating Ramadan staircase? Here are 10 ideas that might best Ramadan ladder you can make reference to the interior of your home. Let’s check!


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