10 Most Trendy Tiny House To Live In Nature

Have a great and stately home is everyone’s dream, but unfortunately not everyone is lucky because of the problem of limited land and construction costs are large. For those who are creative and like things related to nature, have their own way to keep dream house and get closer to nature. Tiny house design is practical and easy solution which emphasizes aspects of saving land, except that this time we will go deep into the jungle or river that is free from the bustle of city life. I want to invite you adventure as well as stay in tiny house as a solution for those of you who constrained land that is not adequate.

Today the tiny house has become part of the lifestyle and new trends that many in interest, in addition to your portable homes can also build your own dream house according to your imagination. Do you like a small mountain house, an A-frame cabin inside a forest, or even a cozy wooden tiny house. Your ultimate goal can still have a dream home amid limited land. Curious as to what is the most trendy tiny house design today? Let’s take a look at 10 inspiration tiny homes to live in nature to make it easier for you to find the best tiny house design.

1. The concept of tree house is perfect for you who want to build environmentally friendly house. To beautify the look, you can add some lights for a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

2. If usually A-frame cabin is on the ground in the forest, this time you can try to pin it on the creek. In addition to unique, you can also fish from the top of the house.

3. Although very small, this portable house is designed with only one room, very functional in it.

4. Tiny house can also use two floors, so you still have a balcony and a lounge on the top floor.

5. Who would not want to have a romantic tiny house in the woods. You can take your spouse on a vacation here and enjoy a quiet night in the forest.

6. If you really are a nature lover then do not miss to have this one house. A natural house with a green moss roof in the middle of a fresh pine forest.

7. Teens can also build homes with this style. The modern concept is perfect for bringing your friends together here while enjoying the soothing landscape.

8. If the shipping container house is very suitable for a man cave. In addition to simple, this house could be your hideaway and a perfect resting place.

9. This little house is in the real world and not in a fairy tale.

10. Finally we went to the house of a young couple in the mountains. Its size is not large, but it looks very cozy and inviting.


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