10 Prettiest Balcony Ideas From Thanksgiving To Halloween

Some people still celebrate Thanksgiving, but they also can’t wait to welcome Halloween full of joy, so why not make decorations for both? If Thanksgiving and Halloween decorations are usually more focused on setting about the house and patio, so this time I want to invite you to take a peek one part of the house is often overlooked but is also eligible for decorations. Who would like to celebrate Thanksgiving on the balcony can be as fun as this, even I am sure many people forget the balcony during Thanksgiving or Halloween parties. You can turn the balcony into something extraordinary, start with a few simple ideas like carving pumpkins, flower pots or decorative lights as sweeteners. Balcony is not only a small area if you are smart to put furniture in such a way, the balcony will be the prettiest place with you and your couple to spend a creepy night.

For those of you who are lucky to have a large balcony, this area can be turned into a nice dinner party. Try placing a large dining table and Thanksgiving tablescapes will complete it. For Halloween balconies it doesn’t have to be always scary, the most important thing is that you keep putting Halloween themes into the decorations, with pumpkins or straw. Can not wait to decorate your balcony? Here are 10 best balcony ideas that is not only beautiful but also will save you time in the affairs of the decor. Let’s check!


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