12 Cool And Unique Racks From Recycle Old Guitars

Are you a music lover? Or you just love to collect musical instruments, then I’m sure one of your favorites is the guitar. But because either too much or you think your guitar is too old to make them have to end up in the warehouse because usually used items that have been unused will be thrown away. This is not true for those who think creatively, and may be an old guitar that has damaged your property has great meaning in your life. Do not rush to dispose of your old guitar, it turns out some recycled items could also be something that is useful as a cool furniture.

Now you can display your old guitar again, maybe a little sound strange, but the former guitar turns creativity can be transformed into a unique rack that will beautify the look of your house. With a little modification and paint, this used guitar will be a cool display as well as a useful shelf. Surely with a used guitar, you will have a unique rack and different from usual. They can be used as wall shelves for plants, storing cassette and CD collections, hangers, luxury jewelry shelves, even as a spice rack as well. It’s really amazing, when you still love your ex with guitar turns out they can still be useful. Here are 12 inspiring cool rack from recycle old guitar that you can try at home!

1. Who would have thought that your old guitar could turn into a cool plant shelf like this.

2. This is for those of you who like the minimalist style, just paint your guitar rack with neutral colors like white, gray or brown.

3. Anyone who comes into your dorm room will definitely fall in love with this cute guitar rack.

4. Not only as a rack, an old guitar you could also be an art wall, just add some cactus plants and a perfect lighting.

5. Have a lot of jewelry collection? Do not worry because this guitar rack will organize it all. Of course, still look beautiful on the wall.

6. This is for you who like to cook, now you will have no trouble finding kitchen spices because they are now available in a charming shelf.

7. Adding a little color to the guitar interior, it turns out to be a pretty idea for racks.

8. You can also add themes on your guitar rack like coastal theme and the like.

9. It’s a really creative guitar rack ideas, you can also use them as clothes hanger or other accessories.

10. Bored with the plain placement of guitar racks, maybe you need to try this one idea.

11. Keep all the memorable objects with your couple with this guitar rack.

12. Lastly, you can store all your cassette and CD collection with this guitar rack idea. I think this is the most appropriate idea for a guitar rack and you are a hobby with music.

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