15 Cozy Reading Nook In Under The Stairs

I have shown you a lot about how to use the bottom of the stairs to become an important part of home decoration. Starting from a hidden storage, dining room, kitchen to bathroom. And today we are still trying to redecorate under the stairs to be a fun place for children. There is no place more comfortable than reading corners for children to curl up and enjoy their favorite books, a place where they feel safe in their own secret place. Do you have a small area under the stairs or still have a long hallway, you can try to turn it into a corner to read to your liking. If you want to always keep an eye on your kids, then it can try to create an open reading corner that blends with the interior, while those of you who want a hiding place for their play areas then start with a built-in reading nook.

Who would have thought that the area under the stairs that people often forget, could be a favorite place for your kids. Try to place several bookshelves, pillows, furniture, or blankets and you are ready to tell stories. Add some cute and adorable decorations to make children feel at home with colorful wall paint, animal wallpaper, polka-dotted walls and finally beautiful lamp ornaments. Here I have compiled 15 reading nook ideas in under the stairs which I believe will become a favorite place for kids, let’s check it out!

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