15 Very Cute Advent Calendars For Kids

Age of the children is the best time to celebrate Christmas, and creating worthwhile activities can be a fun way to fill the holiday.

Balloons are kids favorites from the beginning, so there is nothing better than a balloon advent calendar

We know Christmas is still a few weeks away, and we are aware of the countdown to Christmas seems too long. Maybe you have prepared everything to welcome Christmas with beautiful Christmas decorations, but we also don’t want to miss the Christmas holiday tradition with our children and combining the Advent Calendar is one of our favorites. This is a very cute mini project for the best day of the year, and kids will love it more than us.

Creating an advent calendar is a fun activity to start a holiday countdown. We have collected 15 of the best advent calendars for this year, you will easily find DIY options that are easy and can be followed by your children, calendars featuring your children’s favorite toys, and adorable advent calendar ideas that can be hung on the wall or their room door. Choose your favorite advent calendar, and let the kids count down when Christmas starts.

Don’t throw away used drinks, with a little creative idea it can turn into a cute calendar chandeliers.
Kids love Christmas trees more than anything, and you can make your own mini Christmas tree at home.
This is not ice cream, but the advent calendar is an adorable flower bouquet, with wooden branches that can be hung
Invite your children to make an origami advent calendar to practice their creativity
Take advantage of natural items around you for this beautiful advent calendar
Let your child imagine and make their own advent calendar
It was raining a fun gift for all children
Colorful advent calendar is the easiest way, use drawing or colorful paper to do it
Advent Calendar recycling is also good to teach them to keep the environment around
Cute and adorable animal shapes are always a favorite theme of children
Use the kids chalkboard for the creative advent calendar
You can make handmade advent calendar crafts, clothespins and washi tape to overcome them
Hanging advent calendar is always the best choice, and lighting will perfect it
There is nothing better than an advent calendar with a toy theme


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