17 Millennial Pink Bathroom Styles

Pink is very popular in the world of fashion, beauty, to interior design, this color is millennial, which is timeless and much loved especially by women. Maybe if you suggest the millennial pink bathroom is also suitable for the color of the men’s bathroom, I would think twice about doing it. But now, this color is so attractive as the main color, especially for those of you who are married and want a surprise decoration for the wife. I can not stop thinking about how this color can make me fall in love, and I am sure you will think the same after seeing this bathroom idea and immediately you want to inject a dose of pink color in the decor.

They are very beautiful and soothing, amazing retro, and simple but still charming for modern bathrooms. This color, originally named rose quartz, has seduced millennials, a generation born between the 80s and 2000s. Now with the power of social media and its popularity on Instagram, this color has become a phenomenon and renamed pink. For me this color remains my favorite of all time, how about you? Do you have a different opinion? Try to see the millennial pink bathroom gallery and maybe your mind will be more open.


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