20 Cheap And Creative DIY Washi Tape For Kids Room

Children do not like complicated things for their rooms, usually something simple even easier for their loved including kids room decor of washi tape below. In addition to easy and cheap, DIY washi tape is what you are looking for to add a little color and imagination to kids room. It does not need to be too complicated and look further, with a little creativity you can create an art gallery that kids will love. There are many simple creations that you can do with washi tape. Kids wall shelves will be more colorful with washi tape, mural walls or tree-shaped houses make the kids feel outdoors, race tracks, wall art galleries, and ideas are endless. You can also invite your child to make DIY washi tape, so kids will learn to create a craft that suits their own mind. I have collected 20 DIY washi tape ideas for kids room to help you find the best decoration, perhaps some images could be your favorite.


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