20 Inspiring Home Decoration From Sticky Notes

Want to decorate the house but did not have a cost? Or do you feel bored with the appearance of your plain wall? If you feel that way, then you are lucky to have visited here. Today there are a lot of ideas that you can apply to decorate the walls of your house to make it look more attractive. From the start of paint creations, wall wallpapers, or even by arranging a girlfriend’s photo frame so you can do it yourself. But what if you do not have a girlfriend photo collection? Or do you really not have much money to buy paint, especially your favorite wallpaper? One way that you can still make the room look beautiful is to force your creativity to work optimally.

All of these creations can be done by yourself or DIY, there is no need to spend excess budget to hire an interior designer or buy new wall paint, you can use the items you have including simple office stationery to be something awesome. Sticky notes have a variety of colors that you can make cool wall creations according to the settings you have prepared. Whatever you want to make it as what it is, the result would not be inferior to the expensive wallpaper or painted by professional designers. Want to know what DIY sticky notes are for wall creations? Let’s take a look at 20 home wall decorations from sticky notes that you can make inspiration to bring a new atmosphere to the walls of your house.


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