20 Practical Wall Ideas With Ikea EKET Cabinet

IKEA is one of the best designers of furniture products in the world, the reason is simple in addition to their beautiful and quality products, all IKEA furniture can also be transformed into something more useful and functional to your taste. Including a modular EKET cabinet, this is very versatile as well as gives you more creativity-minded storage ideas. Do not leave your wall blank, let’s look at the idea of wall storage with the depth and color of the cabinet. There are a lot of inspiration from Eket Series, so you can easily add doors, legs or rails. Do not miss!

Some tips from IKEA to show their EKET collection, you can try mixing EKET cabinet with different colors. Begin by inserting neutral colors like white or gray, while bold color combinations like orange, blue or pink will enhance your wall look. Eket can also be used as a storage box under the floor, then you can put some Eket cabinet on the wall that serves to display areas, combine different colors if you want the display stand.

EKET can be a central point in your living room, make a big impression by covering the wall using a large box of open cabinet. Choose an attractive pop color in the center of the room.

To turn the corner area, this cabinet will work optimally meet all your needs. Starting from the bottom row of the cabinet for heavier object objects. Then move to the top row, leave some surfaces to accentuate large objects. Remove also the impression that too box with asymmetrical tops. Finally, tighten all the cabinet to the wall, even in the bottom row. Here are some inspiring pictures if you are still confused how to make EKET cabinet very practical for your wall.


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