20 Urban Backyard Oasis With Tropical Decor Ideas

An urban oasis usually has a small backyard, but that does not mean you can not build green open spaces that provide play areas, gardens and entertaining spots. Urban oasis can be an effective way to relieve the stress of urban life, and one that is popular today is to build an urban oasis with tropical style. If you have a tropical backyard garden you will certainly be able to experience a daily holiday with a refreshing tropical feel. In order to do so, you do not have to go to the suburbs or go far on a jungle vacation if your backyard gives you what you want.

Tropical gardens are usually filled with tropical plants that can last throughout the year. You can choose several tropical plants such as palm trees, bamboo, and flamboyant to create an urban oasis of tropical style. The key you must adopt is a plant of tropical forest filled with green trees with various types of plants. If you have a backyard that is wide enough, you can put a big tree and lots of tropical plants by adding outdoor furniture, shower, even a swimming pool. A row of giant trees, plants dominated by green, leafy shade of trees to shade from the heat of the sun. River stones are cut and arranged also be one of the characteristics of tropical style backyard garden. Take a look at 20 urban oasis decorating ideas for a refreshing backyard, I’m sure you’ll be interested in having one for your home!


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