22 Cute Nursery Rug Ideas To Secure Your Babies

Every parent will be happy to have a baby in their lives, especially if you have longed for it. With the presence of a baby there will be more love and happiness, and as parents would want the best for them, including in the matter of choosing the right nursery decorations. Rugs are one of the elements that is very important for your baby, maybe when they are just born they will not be very influential, but if they have started to crawl and stand, the nursery rug will be very necessary. Today we not only focus on carpet that is safe for babies, but also must have a cute design and in accordance with the concept of your nursery. Intrigued by what kind of nursery rug ideas are safe for your baby? Let me invite you to check out the adorable ideas below.

Nursery rug with soft and thick material is probably the best choice for your baby. You can choose a rug made of wool or thick fabric handmade, in addition to charming this type of rug is also comfortable for your baby’s play area.

For those of you who are happy with natural elements, you can try choosing a grass rug for nursery rooms. Fresh green color will make your baby more excited in the activity.

There are now many who sell rugs with unique themes, one of which is a nursery rug with the theme of traditional children’s games. The carpet design is not only unique but also can be a means to play like a theme hopscotch, race tracks and much more.

Children are usually happy with cute and adorable things like animals and plants, you can choose a rug with the same theme to make them happy.

For those of you who have prepared a nursery room before they are born, they will definitely be confused in determining the decoration that is suitable for them. Nursery rug with neutral colors can be the best choice for parents who want a baby girl or boy.

Polka dot rug is a favorite theme every person who welcomed a baby girl. Colorful polka dot carpets and adapted to the room scheme will enhance the appearance of your nursery.

Rug patterns are also attractive for a bright and colorful baby room.

Fur rugs still be the favorite parent, in addition to soft, fur rug also looks more elegant to more modern nursery decor.

Like Scandinavian minimalist style or ethnic Bohemian? This nursery rug idea can be an alternative for you. Because this type of rug tends to be thinner, then you should coat it with safety rubber so that your baby is safer to play.

Last is my favorite, this wicker rug is not beautiful but has artistic value that is quite unique. It is suitable with eco-friendly nursery decorations with wooden or bamboo toys.


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