22 Dreamy Secret Garden Ideas For Your Hiding Place

Sometimes everyone needs a moment to alienate themselves from the bustle of everyday life, maybe you felt that way when you want to go to a small island for a vacation or just enjoying the fresh mountain air. To do it all, you do not have to actually go into the forest or far up the mountain, you can try to take advantage of every smallest part of the backyard into a secret garden. Now the question what is the secret garden? This is a small place tucked away in the backyard corner, it’s also a place where you can hide, sit in the peace of the night, or just want to enjoy your own time while drinking coffee. It’s really fun when we have a secret garden, you do not even have much room for a secret garden, you can still have an open yard with flower beds in front of the house.

Building a secret garden is actually quite easy, you just need to slip a chair, some plants, and if possible some hedges. Begin by planning the garden based on your imagination and dreams. Try not to imagine you are outside, otherwise bring your lawn chair wherever you want to build a secret garden. And enjoy how you feel very comfortable there with your many favorite flowers, wisteria vineyards, tulips, or birds singing along with the soothing summer breeze. Here are 22 ideas for a secret garden of your hiding place that I’m sure will make you inspired, scroll down and find the garden of your dreams!


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