25 Genius Kitchen Countertop Organizer For Small Areas

Is your kitchen too small, even just to accommodate some kitchen needs sometimes experience hassles. If so, then your kitchen needs the right settings update. Organized kitchen usually has an intelligent storage shelves, there is more storage space if you think creatively and try to take advantage of any remaining space in your kitchen. I have collected 25 kitchen countertop that will help you find the most effective settings for a small area, this is very easy and keeps all the things you need when you want to cook. This creative ideas to maximize the small space in your kitchen with a variety of simple DIY projects to facilitate you. If your kitchen counter top to have more space, you can hang the basket under your cabinets. These baskets can be hung using a metal rod on the wall or can be fused with the bottom of the closet.

Unique storage places will enhance the look of your kitchen while keeping everything neat. There is no need for a large container but can still accommodate everything, a tray made of rattan woven or a simple wooden box will bring a touch of a farmhouse style to your kitchen. We can also use large cake jars to store items that require a closed place such as coffee, spice powder or tea. Add a touch of green and fresh into your kitchen table, fresh herbs useful addition to your cooking spice also will beautify the interior of the kitchen. There are more amazing ways you can use for your kitchen counter, what are you waiting for see more ideas below!


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