25 Unexpected And Smart Ways To Organize Your Shoes

Many people love their shoe collection, especially the women I’m sure have more than two pairs of shoes, whether it’s party shoes, work shoes, or even sneakers. You probably never thought would have a lot of fantasy, but with some creativity on your side, at least the dream shoe closet is not just a dream. You just need a little more creative with the way you keep it, you must determine whether you want to hide or display your shoe collection. I’m sure you have some amazing pair of shoes that you always want to show off, while old sneakers and flat sandals everyday you love so much even though you do not want to display them.

Actually, I have collected 25 unexpected and creative ways to organize your favorite footwear, no matter the size of your apartment or house. you can still display with smart storage style, and many tricks to do it. Get inspired!


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