A Classy Cat Bed And Scratcher By Meyou Paris

After the success of their crowfunding campaign, Meyou Paris finally launched a series of cat beds. Young French brands that specialize in classy furniture for smart cats, and now they are ready to face the challenge of turning a traditional cat tree and scratching the post with style. Now no more bad animal furniture in your home, Meyou Paris designed 2 cat accessories at once to pamper your pet cat while still providing amazing furniture. You’ll love VEGAS, sac-shaped cactus scratches fresh and colorful, and HOOP, contemporary cat tree with smooth metal structure. Both of these products are designed to easily blend in with your interior, while respecting the comfort and welfare of your cat.

Vegas is highly recommended for those who like beauty, it is a cactus-shaped scratching post mounted on the wall. It has some simple contours and some charming color graphics like green, black and beige. If you put it strategically, your cat can be scratched with a very comfortable, I think it would be much better than the cats tearing the couch or your goods. HOOP is also no less interesting, this furniture allows your cat to take 3 minimal jumps, climbing to the top sway, where the curved platform awaits as a cat bed. Each layer is covered with a thin cushion secured by velcro. Slender metal structure that is in accordance with the room. Here are two collections of cat furniture that are hard to miss. Do not forget to visit their website to get some other product that may be suitable for your pet such as The Cube or The Ball and many more.


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