Amoroso Residence With Mid-Century Scandinavian Design

Electric Bower are Venice Beach-based architecture and design firm and has completed Amoroso Residence. They design and build three-bedroom house that is located in the quiet Venice Walk Street are much coveted.

Amoroso Residence gained much inspiration from mid-century Scandinavian design as well as the architecture of the neighboring homes in this secluded enclave in Venice.

The interior is very clean and open set by a pitched roof, sliding door from floor to ceiling, and beautiful wood chips. This is a soothing home in the heart of Venice.

Mid-century Scandinavian touch is visible from the selection of smart furniture. Rattan furniture can easily be found in almost all parts of the house, it is similar to the color of wood that looks classic but elegant impressed.

Designers really pay attention to every detail of this room, stair design minimalist look harmonious with the addition of home office underneath.

Bathroom area also Scandinavian style, clean white lines and a touch of wood emphasized bathroom design that is not too broad. To work around it a Persian rug and a towel rail from DIY ladder can beautify the look of the bathroom as a whole.

The bedrooms use a spacious open concept, with a cozy wooden balcony.

The Amoroso Residence is crowned by an expansive roof deck featuring a built-in outdoor kitchen and sweeping views of Venice and the Marina.

Photography by Adam Bice and Brandon Arant.




















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